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In Tap Dance the dancer beats out rhythms on the floor using small metal plates on their shoes. This style of dance is believed to have its origins in African Dance, Irish Dance & Clog Dancing, but was first popularised in America. It's a great way to teach rhythmic skills & sensitivity to music.

From the age of 5, your child can begin a Pre-Primary/Primary class, which leads to an exam. This takes the form of a class test, with an examiner watching a class taken by the children's normal teacher. The examiner will assess the response, knowledge & movement of each child during the class. This is an excellent way of gradually introducing children to the idea of exams, where in the future they may be entered without the teacher's presence.

After Pre-Primary/Primary, students can progress through Grades 1-6. For those who are dedicated & are interested in dance as a career, they can begin to enter vocational examinations at four levels (Intermediate, Advanced 1 & Advanced 2), which are examined at a professional level.



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