• To guide & help each student on their own dancing journey.

  • To meet all students' individual needs & learning styles.

  • To offer a variety of dance styles.

  • To enhance performing skills.

  • To make every class FUN!

In 2017, Kristie Louise Seeley opened the 

Kristie Louise Dance Academy (KLDA).

KLDA is all about enjoying the freedom of dance & having fun - whatever your age

& your ability.

The importance is learning in a friendly environment, being creative, 

exploring movement with a smile on your face.

Our mission is to guide all pupils through this journey building a strong & safe technique foundation, whether that journey takes you in a professional or a strictly fun direction.

The Kristie Louise Dance Academy aims:

 To encourage the love of dance within a safe & friendly environment where each student can develop their physical, social & listening skills, confidence, self-esteem & to allow each student to reach their full potential.


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