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My First Ballet Class


My First Ballet Class is open for children aged 2.5 - 3 years old.

The class uses story-telling, imagination & songs to begin to teach children basic movement steps (walking, skipping, marching, running & jumping). The class also helps to develop posture, coordination, finer motor skills & sees the littles ones learn about some of the most fundamental balletic movements, which will stay with them throughout their dance journey & training. Classical Ballet Music is used to help familiarity & movement to music. 

All movement is embedded within creative interpretation to make the movements fun & enjoyable for this age group & to allow each child to express themselves & to connect with what they are learning in their own way.

If they wish to, parents are welcome to sit & watch the class until their child is settled (this usually only takes a couple of lessons). We encourage parents to start leaving their child, whilst we try to build the child's confidence to be comfortable & happy in the classroom. We usually see children's independence flourishing when there are no parents in the room & this is when we begin to see a huge progression in all elements of their development.

Although not compulsory, we advise that all children are toilet trained before beginning their First Ballet Class journey. We have class assistants & a DBS checked adult in the class to oversee any needs the students may have in the class.


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