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A Quick Guide

(Ages 2.5 - 3)

We start with the style Ballet, as it is a great way to build the foundations of all styles of dance.

This class is 45 minutes (without parents - there is a waiting room available).


(Nursery Age)

which introduces Modern & Tap to the mix, alongside Ballet.

All these classes will help your children with their first steps into the world of dance & will also build their listening, concentration, focus, posture & social skills, as well as continue to develop both their gross & fine motor skills.

Here we put all 3 classes back to back into a hour & half slot, to make learning fun & interesting for students but also to help parents. As children are at Nursery age, we find that they are absolutely fine with this length of time, although it is not compulsory to attend all 3 classes. It also sets the students up in preparation for Reception at school, where they are required to concentrate for much longer periods of time.

From age 5 & on,

we offer classes working towards examinations with the

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD)

For our students who reach Grade 6 & onwards theses exams can contribute UCAS points towards applications for higher education.

These exams are not compulsory & students can still partake in these classes even if they do not wish to take them. 


We also offer a great range of non-syllabus classes, a fantastic way to build a range of styles.

Many of our students take these classes alongside examination classes.

Here at KLDA, we find the classes compliment & help to strengthen & aid our students training.

Finally, we have a great range of Adult Dance classes.

We offer the following styles;


Ballet (Beginner & Intermediate class)

Jazz (Intermediate)

Tap (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced class)

National (All Levels)


Yoga (All Levels)

Vocational Modern (ExperiencedProfessional Dancer)

These are suited to those who use to dance & wish to still be part of the magical world or dance, fitness fun or those who wish to learn a new skill. Many find they are a great way to get moving & to unwind at the end of a long day.


"A caring & inspiring teacher. A welcoming atmosphere for both adults & children."

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