- Introduction To... Classes -

Introduction To... Classes are for children aged 3.5 - 4 who are wanting to learn several styles of dance.

Imperial Ballet

Modern Theatre

Tap Dance


These classes use creativity, imagination & story-telling to introduce the basic movements used in each style, developing every child's movement vocabulary whilst making sure we have plenty of fun!


Here we put all 3 classes back to back into a hour & half slot, to make learning fun & interesting for students but also to help parents. As children are at Nursery age, we find that they are absolutely fine with this length of time, although it is not compulsory to attend all 3 classes. It also prepares the children for Reception at school, where they are required to concentrate for much longer periods of time.

"Fantastic school. Very friendly and professional. My 5 year old looks forward to her classes each week."




per class/per genre

*Paid with Termly Invoices
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for 2 or more genre attended

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If you would like to enquire about these classes or have a little one that you would like to add onto a waiting list until they are of age, please leave a message or alternatively send an e-mail.

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