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Step-by-Step Guide


Kindly modelled by Eleanor Brignall & styled by Laura Brignall 

1. The Essential Products

The following items are needed for a sleek, tidy look:

  • Hairbands (to match the colour of the hair) – thickness depends on how thick the hair is.

  • Clear hairbands – these are great for the ends of plaits, they are easier to hide & do not stick out of the hair style

  • Kirby grips – these come in all lengths, longer hair needs longer grips, shorter hair requires shorter grips – please make sure they match the hair colour as best you can

  • Bun Pins – these are essential for buns & this style (PLEASE DO NOT BUY THE SMALL ONES IF YOUR CHILD HAS LONG/THICK HAIR)

  • Hair brush & tail comb

  • Hairspray & gel – helps to control any baby hair or frizz giving the look a sleek, tidy appearance

  • Bun net – to match the colour of the hair

All these items can be found in Superdrug/Boots//Primark/Superstores/Online & are an essential use in a dancer’s life.



They can be used for future exams or shows.

Please bring your hair items with you to the show. We may need to tidy up the style during the show.

Kirby Grip.jpeg
Bun Pins.jpeg
Kirby Grip
Bun Pins

2. Putting into Bunches

Part the hair into two even sections with a middle parting using a tail comb. Secure both sections with a hair band at the top of the head (but not too high).

Please can fringes be pulled back into the plaits. You may need to use gel & Kirby grips to assist with this.


TIP: if your child has slightly frizzy/curly hair – keep the hair damp to maintain the frizz before parting the bunches.

TIP: if your child has fine, loose hair – spray hairspray before you start & brush it through, it will help keep the hair together as you’re styling it.

3. Plait the Bunches 

Secure with a clear plastic band or a thin band matching the hair colour.

4. Wrap the Bunches around the Top

Wrap the first plait around the top of the hair bands.

TIP: If your child has long hair, then tie the two plaits into a knot.

Secure with Bun Pins as you go. (Please watch the YouTube clip on how to put a bun pin into the hair, you need to go about 1.30 in.)

Wrap the other plait around this one. Make sure you tuck the ends of the plaits into the centre so they don’t stick out.

If your child has shorter hair the plaits can be laid next to one another & then secured.

If your child has extra-long hair, tie the plaits into a knot & secure the knot with bun pins before wrapping the hair around.

TIP: Secure one plait first then the second, it makes life easier :-)

5. Place a Bun Net

Place a bun net over the plaited bunches once it is secure. Add a few extra grips or bun pins to secure the net.


6. The Finished Product

Finish by giving a keep spray of hairspray, using fingers to smooth any wispy bits or baby hair.

Any baby hair can be clipped down with Kirby grips.

NB: This hairstyle can be done on any lengths of hair.

It is fine for the plaits to be shorter on short length hair. 

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